Thursday, August 23, 2007

A New Project

Welcome. I am teaching a course this semester for undergraduate communication majors in global communications. How better to teach about global communications than to have students experience the excitement, complexity, and, yes, frustrations of global communication.

So I have developed a project in which my students will be asked to develop an online conference for an international audience on Trends in Global Communications. To make this experience richer, however, I would like to collaborate with other classrooms around the world.

Using the planning template for a wiki developed for the Educamp conference, my students will create a wiki to help plan the barcamp. They then will coordinate with other students and classes worldwide to identify trends, conference topics, speakers, technology for conference presenters and participants, potential sponsors, and any other tasks needed to present an international online conference.

I am looking for teachers of students, preferably ages 16 years+, who might want to participate for either the entire semester or a portion of the semester activity (August 27-December 14). I have facilitated similar activities in the past using courseware and will use this blog to help in coordinating and supporting teachers that might want to participate, but are unsure how to integrate it into their curriculum, class, or learning objectives. You may decide to use this project as a one-week activity, once a week activity, or semester long activity that might go beyond the December 14 end-date. I am looking for multi-lingual (se habla espanol, je parle francais, Ich habe auf Deutsche gearbitet), multi locations, multi-cultural, and multi-disciplinary teachers. My own global communication course may include students studying business, political science, technology, journalism, English, and communications at the University level.

If you are interested in participating, leave your name and contact information in the comment section. As I need to approve all comments before they are published, I will take down the information and delete the comment. You may also e-mail be directly at
I look forward to working with you.